Precisely the same Railo mistake as last time

In the past I’ve had problems with my blog working on mobiles. Something to do with the way it’s set up for Coldfusion but I’m running Railo.

I blogged about it here: My very few BlogCFC woes

So when I switched across to my new server recently, I forgot to make the changes to get it running on my new server. I have in fact done something slightly differently this time though, I’ve changed the /railo/tomcat/conf/web.xml file instead of the one in the instance of, so the changes are global.


/index.cfm/ *
/default.cfm/ *
/post.cfm/ *
/archive.cfm/ *
/blog.cfm/ *
/page.cfm/ *

/mobile/index.cfm/ *
/rewrite.cfm/ *

Note: once again, the white space between the slash, /, and the star, *, is just
to stop the blog trying to use it as a comment.

So thanks Sparky for pointing out the error, and no thanks to you Pete, for being an idiot and not correcting the problem that you’ve had before so you should have known! Dumb ass.

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