Waitrose, good food

As some of you may know I’ve recently had a slightly less than positive food produce related issue with the co-op. I basically had 2 skanky looking packets of ham, and it’s taking far too long to get my money back, I’ve had to give them codes and addresses and nonsense.

So today when I picked up the second half of my Waitrose Good To Go BLT, I was very unhappy to find out someone had already taken a bite out of it…

Even if co-op hadn’t recently packaged sliced crap and labelled it “truly irresistible”, I would have been unhappy with this incomplete BLT. So I took the slightly less than half sandwich into Waitrose, went up to the customer service desk, showed the lady behind the desk, she said:

“Oh that’s not very nice, do you want to go and get another one while I do a refund for you”

So I said “Thanks”, picked up another BLT, went back to the desk, she scanned it then gave me the sandwich, a receipt, £2.50 and said

“Sorry for the inconvenience”.

Now that’s customer service. Do you think Waitrose were better because I went there in person? Or do you think they just gave me the money no questions asked becuase they’re a better shop? Tesco have done that for me in the past actually, I emailed and ask for £6.50, they transferred it to me and said sorry as well.

By the way I didn’t just ask Tesco for the money, it was because they’d given me too much food which I didn’t ask for in an online delivery. So they gave me back the money… but they didn’t bother coming to collect their baked beans and leeks.

So anyway, I love Waitrose, even though my sandwich had a bite out of it before I’d even opened the packet… and I still hate Co-op.

In the end I got 1.5 sandwiches and 2.5 pounds!

2 thoughts on “Waitrose, good food

  1. That is so, so very horrible.

    I would expect a considerable about of sucking up from Tesco for that!

    I feel a bit sick. I was evening thinking the other day "Maybe I should stop buying packaged food and eat natural fruit and veg, and kill my own animals!"… but there’s probably more chance of getting bugs and horrible that way I suppose.

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