Cheeky Google!

First of all, I’ve not posted in a month. There’s been a variety of reasons for this, such as me forgetting my password so I couldn’t blog at work, me being very busy at Comcar, Willshaw Media, Skeater Media and at home, and some other stuff to.

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway here’s something interesting…

I was trying to show super sci-fi movie pro Tom Riley something or other on the ‘ole blog here, and I typed in the URL wrong.

Big deal. Who cares. I get an error message to my email account, life goes on.

WHEN SUDDENLY!!! Within 5 minutes I got another error email. Someone else had visited this incorrect made up page…


Who be following me around the web then? If I visit a page on my blog that doesn’t exist, there’s surely no links to it. Surely not! I should know after all, I host the dang thing. So how did someone else get to the page?!

So I checked the second email message, and it was my old enemy, Google Bot. Why did Google Bot follow me to a page that doesn’t exist on my site.

If Google Bot existed in the physical world, it would probably follow me like this

Because Google Bot is an addict. An addict for indexing. And I use Google Chrome, who clearly passes all your information straight to Google Bot.

I’ve suspected this for many a year, and been fairly certain of it, but that pretty much cements my theory.

If you use chrome, and type in a URL, Google Bot will rush over their to check that shit out, like an excited Labrador chasing a shiny ball that’s caught it’s eye.

So will I keep using Chrome? Fuck yeah! Chrome is awesome, and I’d be naive, stupid and idiotic to think that Chrome is the only thing that sells on my data.

I complained to Co-op or Iceland in the same week a while back… ever since then I get about 5 porn emails to my Hotmail account. Is that their way of getting back at me for whinging?

So in summary, if you are a live today, you are constantly be tracked and followed all the time. If you use the internet, you make it about 345,454,671,234.67 times easier for someone to follow you.

One thought on “Cheeky Google!

  1. I think my recent twitter comment/app store review situation sits nicely with this post… It’s not hard to find a lot of information on me.

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