Alexa stats are rubbish

A lot of people and websites seem to think Alexa web site stats are in some way useful. They have got slightly less crap over the years, but they still suck.

Originally I think Alexa stats were only gathered by installing a toolbar in IE and browsing the web. So the stats on Alexa were basically just telling you how your site compares in relation to traffic of people using IE, which is bad enough, that have also been silly enough to install a stat gathering tool bar, which is even worse.

I think now you can install the toolbar in Firefox, possibly Chrome or Safari as well, but the point being Alexa gathers stats from people who have installed the toolbar!

But hardly anyone I know uses the Alexa toolbar, most people I know avoid installing toolbars like the plague, which they should.

So Alexa stats can’t be accurate or useful. And they’re not.

I found another reason why Alexa is bloody stupid today. I looked at my site there, and I was told I had 4 inbound links to my website. Inbound links are what boost your Google ranking – other search engines are available, but they’re rubbish, and most of them literally copy Google anyway.

The 4 inbound links I had, were 2 comments on a single post at Ray Camden’s blog, which link back to my blog, and 2 more comments on 2 other blogs linking back to my site.

So 1st of all, I had 2 links on the same page linking to my site, which I’m pretty sure only really counts as one. And secondly, there are many, many more links to my website all over the world.

Twitter, Facebook, Stackoverflow, Luuux as well as all the other blog’s in the world I’ve posted on that use Gravatar. Basically, Alexa stats are incomplete, stupid, inaccurate.

If someone quotes Alexa stats at you, either they don’t know what they’re talking about, or they’re trying to bullshit you with fake stats.

2 thoughts on “Alexa stats are rubbish

  1. Alexa is inaccurate though, I think it probably shows some kind of truth for really popular common sites, like Facebook and Amazon, I imagine comparing them is realistic because the same set of people will visit them.

    But comparisons with lesser known sites to real sites will be unrealistic. And I’m not just talking about my blog here, I just mean any site that’s not as popular as Google, FB, Amazon, Twitter etc wont be represented properly.

    I’m not really that fussed about using stats myself, I’m quite happy with a log analyser, they tell you facts as the data is on your server, not gathered through toolbars and third party nonsense.

    I’ll have a look at that other site though, thanks Tim.

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