Beer, dairy and running

I’m running the 10k on the 20th May, I think that’s 2 weeks tomorrow. I’ve managed 3k so far… hmmm, not sure if I’ll make it.

But if I don’t, never mind, I’m really just using it to get me off my arse and training for the half marathon in September, which is 21k and the whole Carmen Data Ltd office is running it, except Xavi, but because he has a dodgy knee, not because he’s lazy or anything like that. Anyway my money’s on Tom, he ran about 20k in 1 hour 25 mins the other day.

So I’m trying to do a bit more running at the moment, and it feels pretty good even if I am not quite hitting my targets.

Coupled with that, Holly has given up Dairy and Alcohol during her final exams. So she’s got about 3 more weeks of that to go, and she’s been doing it for about 2 weeks already. I’m trying to join her, but I’m not as strict as her.

I’ve stopped eating butter, cheese and chocolate and I’ve stopped drinking milk. Neither of us are being 100% strict, Holly has had a Pizza and one Ice Cream, and a white tea in about 2 weeks. I’ve had 3 choc chip digestives, a milky tea and coffee, 2 Ice cream sundaes, shared that aforementioned Pizza with Holly, I think Matt Leach put butter in my bacon sandwich. So I’m not as strict as Holly… I’ve also drunk maybe 3 or 4 beers in that time. Holly hasn’t had any at all.

However, for me I’m actually pretty much fasting… I live on milk, cheese and chocolate… and red meat. The cheese and milk I can cope without. Red meat I still have plenty of.

But chocolate… I miss chocolate so much… a few choc chip digestive haven’t satisfied me at all. I want a big fucking slab of chocolate and I want to eat it, I want to eat it so bad. No stupid bits of biscuit and other nonsense, just plain old chocolate all over my face.

And beer… I’ve had a few beers at the pub, not really many, not compared to usual. But I want to drink beer at home… I like a beer or 2 when I’m writing code! A couple (or 8) coffees to get me started, then a couple of beers to wind down in the evening, then another 2 coffees to keep me going till 2am, then collapse in bed having written some excellent code, and probably done some tweeting.

So basically, this health drive thing I’m on does make me feel physically better, I might keep away from cheese and milk… but I seriously want some chocolate, and I want my beer back.

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