Issy and the alphabet

Whilst I’m on the subject of Issy talking, she’s starting to learn the alphabet. Back in july she used to sing this over and over again

“A b baby a b c, a b baby abc…”, and then she’d finished with “a b baby, a b c, d”.

Now, she’s progressed to this…

“melamy poo, s o u” and “s u double, s u q, s u double…” and now “white a white a window, white a white a white”

“Melamy poo” is LMNOPQ I think.
“s u q double” is STUVW almost…

and “white a white a window”… no idea which letters those are supposed to be.

Oh and just now “s o j, elemeny q, eye spy with my little eye”, which she sang whilst putting pencils up her trousers.

Also, she sings loudly, very loudly.

And she’s just thrown all her pens on the floor one by one whilst sitting at her desk, then said “Mummy, you pick them up.”

She is cool.

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