Half marathon fundraiser

I’m running the Bristol Half marathon this weekend. I’m not likely to break my personal best of 1 hour 51 minutes, to be honest I’ll be lucky to do it in under 2 hours, but I’m determined to finish!

I’m running with my work colleagues and lots of students and instructors from my Taekwondo school.

Those of us running for Taekwondo are raising money for our fund to build a community centre on donated land in a village in Ghana.

We’ve set up a blog to keep track of our fundraising efforts, which has a link to donate via Paypal:

You can find out more information about the project at the following 2 links:


Ghana PDF

If you’d like to sponsor me to run the 21km Bristol Half marathon this weekend, please get in touch with me or use the Paypal link found on the blog linked to above.

Some of the instructors are going out to Ghana over the next few weeks so they’ll be lots of progress and updates on the project going up on the Puma Ghana blog soon.

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