Uservoice and Harvest online tools

Everything’s going to end up being a website. HTML was a little old fashioned, DIV, P, H1, SPAN etc are great, but were getting misused and abused.

Then HTML5 arrived and brought back up in the shape of HEADER, ARTICLE, VIDEO and CANVAS.

CSS stepped up to destroy the abuse of PNGs and Javascript is taking over from back end servers, and taking over back end servers directly with things like Node, as well as just getting better for front end stuff – JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify() are amazing.

So with websites getting better and more capable, it makes sense that people will stop using desktop software as much.

2 websites I’ve been using a lot recently, which are wonderful and make my life much easier are and

Both of these utilities are lovely examples of websites, showing great design and usability, as well as being incredibly useful.

They both have a free trial, and Uservoice has a free tier, but to get the most out of them you’ll probably want to upgrade to at least the bottom tier.

They both handle multiple users so if you work in teams you can divvy the bugs up in Uservoice and keep track of the different members of the team in Harvest.

Here’s a bit more info on each tool.


Uservoice allows you to set up a feedback and support ticket site, so you can keep track of bug reports and feature suggestions for your site. Users can add them and they get logged in a neat control panel for you to look at, reply to, add notes to and send responses back to your users.

You can get email notifications, users can get in touch via the website, a Javascript widget on your site, or using an email address, which you can mask to something like

It makes it much easier to keep track of bugs, problems, feature requests and also gives you a nice way of receiving feedback from your users.


Harvest makes it very easy to keep track of hours when working on multiple jobs. You can categorize your tasks by projects and clients, add hourly rates and expenses, and use all this info to generate estimates and invoices, which can be turned into PDFs and sent to your clients and contacts stored in your profile.

I’ve been using it constantly for the last 2 weeks, I can’t see how I managed before it. Well actually I didn’t, I really struggled to keep track of what I was working on but not any more!

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