Professional errors

I am a professional web developer. I get paid to make websites and this has been the case for the last 5 years.

As each year goes by I get better and better at my job, my skill set expands, I get better at debugging and fixing broken code, I produce code that needs less debugging and less fixing, code takes less time to write and it can do a whole lot more than the older stuff.

But I do of course still make some mistakes. Take these 2 little gems from today.

I’d written html like this:

<div class="#idName">bla bla</div>

Then I couldn’t work out why this rule wasn’t being applied:

#idName {
color: red;

For my next mistake, I did something like this:

<div class="ting fade tingBigger">bla bla</div>

And again failed to understand the problems with this CSS:

#tingBigger {
width: 100%

Luckily, I’d also done lots of awesome excellent CFScript and Javascript to make up for it throughout the day.

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