Funny things Issy says…

So Issy’s speech is mega amazing now, I checked on the Speechamazingator v.1.7 Mk3 today, she got a score of amazeten, that’s ten times amazing.

That’s science, I’ve got a BSc, which means I’m a scientist and I’m right.

Back to my point, this week gone Issy has said some things that have made me chuckle to myself quite a lot. Some say I’m quite a strict dad, I prefer to think of myself as just a very excellent dad helping Issy to behave herself and not be naughty.

So Issy seems to use quite a few grown up phrases and is oddly polite for such a young ‘un, coupled with the usual crazy stuff toddlers say this makes for some entertaining conversations.

I said to her yesterday “Issy can you help me tidy away your toy food”, to which she replied “Of course I can Daddy!”, which I thought was a very helpful and polite response for a 2.5 year old.

Earlier this week Holly said “Issy, I’m asking you nicely to come and have a bath” whilst Issy clambered about the sofa, smearing Crayola ink stains everywhere as they rubbed off her legs. Issy’s response…

“Mummy, I’m asking you nicely to not put me in the bath”.

Neither of us could come up with a response to that…

Now this one is less fun, and a little bit sad, as Issy had woken up at 5.15am crying, properly going for it, something had upset her in a dream. I ran in to try and calm her down, and asked her what was wrong. In her half awake state she replied with…

“I want peas on my other dinner daddy!”… a few minutes patting her on the back and reassuring her that she could have peas tonight for dinner, and she was asleep again. Clearly the fact that we’d used the last of the peas the night before was tormenting her.

She’s also started quoting her current favourite film, Monsters Inc, which is creepy when quite out of the blue she says things “Give me the child!” in a creepy voice, and “She’s seen too much!”

But probably the funniest thing she’s said recently, was “Oh my god…” as she ran into the hallway to choose some shoes to go to the park in.

There was no problem or panic, so an OMG seemed quite out of context, but it was funny to see her bounding up to the shoe box and merrily vocalizing her panic at the situation.

Kids (or children if you don’t like the word Kid being used for human children) actually do say the funniest things.

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