Identity crisis

I’d quite like to consolidate all of my online accounts/posts/content etc all into one place.

I want that one place I put it all to then tell everywhere else about the content – so if I blog, or upload a picture blah blah it all ends up being pushed elsewhere.

I thought tumblr could do that for me, but it’s a faff trying to theme it, I just gave up on that.

I like my blog, but there’s no iPhone app for it so I can post stuff on the move.

Then there’s also Willshaw Media.

All across the land of the internet I’m posting as Skeater (from and and Pete (from

I thought Skeater would be all my nonsense stuff and Pete would be me being serious and professional.

I never pretended one wouldn’t be easily found from the other, but I thought I should keep stuff separate. Now I think that’s a pointless idea, and I should have one website, one online profile.

Whether I’m reminiscing about tearing large teddies in half by tying it to 2 cars, or pointing out the difficulties of installing Railo on a Ubuntu VM, or explaining how I’ve taught my 3 year old daughter to appreciate toilet humour, I may as well put it all in the same place.

So I could just stick with WM (Willshaw Media) and ditch the Skeater alias, but that seems wrong.

I could keep as it is and better integrate it with other social services, and keep WM as just a label for my tax returns… but I like using the email address.

Or I could build a new website that integrates everything I do better… but what would I call it, would it be a blog? I suck at blogging. I don’t upload enough pictures to use a decent photoblog like twitter, I don’t tweet very often and I use Facebook intermittently.
I do post on Stackoverflow quite a bit.

So I need a system that grabs all of my activity across the web, and houses it underneath one URL so people can come to that URL and see what I’ve been up to.

I’ve got no idea where to begin.

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