Back to WordPress…

So I’ve done a full circle and ended up back on WordPress, well sort of.

I started my blog as SkeaterMedia many, many years ago. It was green, and I think it was static HTML pages. I think I then wrote a custom CMS, then learnt about WordPress, then switched to BlogCFC as I was in love with Coldfusion, then ditched the blog and backed up all the posts, and I was going to write my own amazing blog from scratch again.

I’ve learnt in recent years, despite spending most of my life thinking I was going to achieve everything I was capable of, that I need to set myself fewer targets and focus on fewer things at a time. This is especially important now I have a wife, kids and important LEGO® sets to build.

So I’ve limited myself to 1 personal and 1 professional project at a time now. And that doesn’t include my blog, so I’ve gone back to WordPress, and I’m just paying to have them host it for me… because server admin is a massive ball ache, so I’m only planning on doing that now if someone pays me.

Ok – so slight deviation, I need to set up a theme and recover all my old posts… but it’ll be worth it, I miss blogging.

So I think this is about version 5 of my blog, first time under the banner. Let’s see how long this one lasts.

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