LEGO Ferrari F40 10248

I’ve had LEGO for as long as I can remember. In fact further than I can remember, and I still have most of it as well.

Recently I’ve started sorting it out and rebuilding all my old sets with my daughter – she’s getting alarmingly good at it though and I might have to start buying her some of the new LEGO Friends sets for her to build on her own.

I wont have an excuse to build my old LEGO fire boat…

In addition to all my old LEGO though, I’ve been collecting LEGO Star Wars and Architecture sets. I got myself the UCS Slave 1 and X-Wing Red Five this year… going to have to upgrade my laptop a bit later on in the year… maybe next year.

2015-07-24 07.04.01

My latest addition though, is the Ferrari F40.

The car itself is my favourite super car pin-up. I’d rather have pictures of that on my wall than any other car that’s ever been made. And if I was rich enough I would hunt one down and keep it in my huge car garage. If I was rich enough.

But I’m not, so I’ll have to settle with the LEGO model!

It was fun to build, there wasn’t really much repetition when building it and as I pieced it together I noticed all the attention the designers had made to replicate the cars distinctive features.

The pop up headlights, vents in the bonnet and wheel arches, slatted rear windows – it’s a pretty good likeness.

It’s split into 2 building stages, which was awkward as it took a couple of hours to build each stage – the UCS Star Wars sets where in about 12 – 15 stages so I could do a bag or 2 in an evening and spread it out. Once I had all the bags open for the Ferrari I just wanted to get it built… didn’t want to risk my kids playing with it… it’s not a toy.

It’s not cheap, it’s selling for £69.99 on and it’s already hitting £100 on eBay (so buy it from LEGO if you still can) but it’s a cool model, has lots of nice features (like the removable engine and detailed racing seats) and I like having out on display.

I might have to get the VW Camper and Mini Cooper as well… the Ferrari looks so lonely without another car parked next to it

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