Why I’m disappointed with Force Friday

I’m excited about the large batch of Star Wars films that are coming out over the next few years – the sequel trilogy plus the other spin off films, I think there’s 6 in total!

Properly excited – in the teaser trailer when the Millienium Falcon burst onto the screen chased by Tie Fighters I genuinely got a tingly feeling down the back of my neck.

I have high hopes for the films – but I don’t like how far the hype is going before hand, in particular Force Friday.

Force Friday is the official release date of The Force Awakens merchandise – all the posters, lunch boxes, models, toys etc.

The fans are going to get excited, I understand that, I’m doing that, and yes I’ve speculated about what’s going to happen in the films, who’s going to return etc. I’m not interested in dissecting the trailer shot by shot and lifting info out of it, but I guess that’s just my fault for missing out on any extra information that the trailer is subtly releasing.

But this official early merchandise release is disappointing. It’s giving too much about the film away – in particular the ships! My favourite part about Star Wars and pretty much every Sci-Fi franchise is the ships (Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, Firefly) and I want to see them in full cinematic glory, on a huge screen, revealed to me in an exciting shot with carefully thought out lighting and a John Williams score. I want to do that before I see (or purchase) any books/models/video games about them.

Once I’ve seen them and fallen in love with the designs (or the updates in the case of the X-Wing, Tie Fighter and Millenium Falcon) then, and only then, do I want to go out and buy loads of crap I don’t need, and put it under guard away from my children (those people who should actually be playing with toys).

It feels unfaithful, like I don’t know what this model really is so I shouldn’t have it yet. I couldn’t bring myself to buy any of the Clone Wars LEGO models till I’d watched the entire series. Which I did, and now I’m working my way through the list. I haven’t bought any of the Rebels merch yet, although I’ve watched the pilot, I don’t really recognise any of the characters, story arcs etc.

But no one has seen Force Awakens (no normal person anyway), so no one really knows what’s going on – I don’t like how much merchandise is available to buy so far ahead of the film release. It just seems strange.

Does this happen already? Have I just not noticed it before? Are marketing departments giving away character lists, plot devices and in the case of Sci-Fi, and the most important element of all, the space ships way before the films/books/comics/cartoons even come out?

Was it the same with Harry Potter, the Star Trek reboot? The Halo games?

It does disappoint me, I want the cinema (or book, or gaming) experience to be the time when I find out the story, then I use Wikipedia to fill in the details and go and buy models of all my favourite things. I guess without other people having nerdgasm’s over the trailer and buying all the books explaining everything before they’ve seen the film… who would write the Wiki pages for me?!

So I’m going to do my best to not read about the films before I see them, and as far as the merchandise goes, I guess I don’t want to go much beyond the film poster…

With the exception of the newest LEGO Millenium Falcon – yeah I’ve totally ordered that. I mean come on, it’s the Falcon. I don’t have on in my collection yet!

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