LEGO Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor 75135


My Star Wars LEGO collection is growing steadily, as well as a range of models from the Prequel and Original Trilogies I’ve completed Microfighters Series 1 and 2 and I’ve ordered all of Series 3 already (turns out if you don’t buy them early, they jump from £9 to £20-£30)

I’ve got a couple of the big models as well, and I quite fancy another big build like the Slave 1 or Red Five X-Wing but I can’t decide what to get right now, so I’ve gone for something in between Microfighter and UCS set.

I already have a Jedi Interceptor, but I like the idea of having Obi Wan and Anakin’s fighters side by side, and maybe get a Vulture droid as well and have a little collection from the opening fight of Episode 3.

They’re pretty similar to look at, apart from the obvious colour difference, but there are a few more subtle changes between the two models. Some don’t really change the build or look of the model overall, whereas some of the features are much nicer, and it’s not always the newer one (Obi-Wan’s) that’s better.

In terms of assembly, they’re not that hard to build, and not too repetitive. You build the cockpit, then build the wings one at a time, each of the 3 main components comes in it’s own bag – I think, definitely for Obi-Wan’s, Anakin’s I built a year ago so can’t quite remember.

But I do remember not being too bored building the 2 wings, for either model, because you build the slot for the droid in only one wing, so it’s not the same model on both sides.

The engines have changed at the back, I think I prefer the one’s on Anakin’s ship – they’re a bit bigger and bulkier. Also the cockpit has a little more detail in it, and some clips at the back to hold the lightsaber in parts – with Obi Wan’s there’s no where to put the lightsaber, it just can’t be part of the model if it’s out on display.

Another thing that changed, which really makes no real difference at all but made me wonder – is the hinge mechanism for the cockpit glass is inverted… if I paid more attention I could probably see why they did it.

The wings are pretty similar again, some slight changes which I couldn’t really say had improved over the previous ones. Same for the guns again, different end pieces but basically the same thing. The droid slot on Anakin’s wing is deeper so R2 sticks out less than R4 in Obi Wan’s – but the stickers on Obi Wan’s wings are better, as they are on the outside unlike Anakin’s which is just a plain yellow surface.

Due to the change in wing build, the newer model is slightly shorter, but again you can’t really tell without lining them up and measuring them.

Overall, I like both models, enjoyed building them both and found it interesting looking at the changes between the two versions. Some people say they’re too similar, and something else could have been released instead but I like having a fleet, I like having the fighters paired up to replicate the scenes from the Star Wars universe.

After doing a bit of reading on the LEGO Jedi Interceptors I realised there are some more to get, as well as a few more Jedi Starfighters.

I think these Jedi fighters could be an area of my collection that I’m going to make the effort to collect in full.



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