npm bash-conf, for sharing configs between bash and node

API keys, DB authentication, passwords, system paths and other things of that nature dont belong in a Git repo.

They belong in a lovely config file created by an install script run after cloning a repo. That’s how I try and do things these days anyway.

I use a lot of bash scripting for big queries and file manipulation, often creating strings and files in Coldfusion and saving them to Amazon S3 or the HDD for a bash script to sort out later.

So these install scripts ask for db credentials, API keys etc and you type your responses in to match the environment you’re on (production, staging, dev) and the bash scripts work away after importing the data.

I’ve started using node js for these back end processes more and more frequently now, allowing me to develop more complex scripts that are easier to debug, easier to maintain and most of all means my team mates can work on them as well!

In order to avoid having to have another JS friendly config file for my node scripts to read and also to avoid passing data in when the scripts are called I’ve written an npm module that can read the same config file bash uses.

To quickly summarise how it works, I’ll just dump the usage snippet from the README. You just have to give it the path to a config file which is just a list of simple FOO=BAR style declarations

var path = process.argv[ 2 ],
BashConf = require('bash-conf'),
bashConf = new BashConf();

.read( path )
.then(function( data ) {
console.log( 'what is foo', data.FOO );
console.log( 'this should be empty -> [', data.EMPTY_VAR, ']' );
.catch( function( err ) {
console.log( err );

If you want more info, get in touch, use Github issues or RTFM!
Also get in touch if the manual needs updating…

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