I bought a Microsoft Band, because I have an iPhone

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I really did buy a Microsoft Band because I have an iPhone, or more specifically, my iPhone 6+ is too fat to carry with me when I go running and I like Runkeeper.

I know you can get armbands and bum bags for it but it’s too big, heavy and expensive to take out on a run with me. I just need to track a bit of GPS from time to time.

I like the idea of a Smartwatch, but they seem too expensive to buy, stupid money for a second shitter smartphone – they should be much cheaper because they are just naff-small-screen-not-very-good phones, that I don’t think can actually make phone calls.

I think fitbits are weird, I don’t get them, they’re not very good watches that can do pedometer stuff or something, fair enough if you want that kind of thing.

My views might seem a little extreme, there’s just such a massive market for technology, every possible niche is catered for, it’s a bit overwhelming…

The Microsoft Band seems to be something in between the smart watch and fitness band thing. As well as being a clock and doing Runkeeper stuff for me it looks to have some kind of smart phone compatibility. I’m not sure how much of it will work with the iPhone (or and Android), I think you really need a Windows Phone to get the most from it, but I mostly want it for running, so I’ll just see what else I can get from it.

I’m not really sure how committed I am to this idea, so I’ve decided on the first one, the Microsoft Band and not the newer, more expensive and what seems like a much better device, the Microsoft Band 2.

I love that naming convention by the way, genuinely. Nice and simple, this one is a newer version, so the number is incremented. No silly names, no extra letters added. Good stuff.

So the Microsoft Band has been reduced since the release of the newer version, plus the Small size (because I have super manly ladies wrists) happened to be about £30 cheaper on Amazon this morning… it was £95, so at 8am this morning I got excited and ordered it.

It arrived at 17:45… same day, Amazon Prime does have its benefits.

I took a gamble, I read some forum posts that said the small would fit a 39mm wrist and the medium was better for 41mm wrists – how the fuck you’re supposed to measure that I don’t know, but a more useful post suggested a 16cm wrist circumference fits the small well, so I bought that.

The good news, it fits my wrist. I’m in the tail end of what it can cope with, but I can still adjust it up or down for me so it’s fine, it’s a good fit.

It seems a little uncomfy, but I’ve only worn it for about 2 minutes, it’s now updating… oh in fact it’s just finished, took about 10 minutes.

The Band 2 is curved so looks more comfy but was about double the cost. So I’ve got the “cheap” one, I’m going to give it a go and see how much I get on with it.

What I’m most happy about is how I’m reinforcing my approach of multiple software and hardware vendors to get the best of everything! Microsoft and Apple playing happily in my house, there’s no hate here… I just need to get that Ubuntu box up and running again.

I will use it for a bit, then post in a few weeks once I’ve got something useful to say.

Oh one more thing… I did consider the Razer Nabu and some of the fancier looking fitbit things, but all the reviews I read seemed to say the Band was better.

The Razer Nabu zombie advert is awesome though, that did make me want one a bit…

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