Free of freelancing

Life is considerably more complicated than it once was. Being an adult is hard work, I don’t mean having over 25 birthdays (because 25 is adulthood not 18…) but actually acting like a grown up.

Not paying bills, you do that as a teenager, but contesting unnecessary charges, switching providers to get the cheapest deals and complaining your arse off to get stuff for free.

Not getting a job, you do that as a teenager, but progresing your career, taking pride and an interest in what you do and investing your time in your industry so you can help it progress around you.

Not just finding somewhere to live, you do that as a teenager, but saving to buy, mowing the lawn, putting up shelves, cleaning the bathroom, getting leaks fixed and wiring redone.

Being a parent made me realise how bloody hard mine worked and how much I owe them, and how much of my time I need to give up in my kids early years to give them the best future.
So I’m not freelancing anymore, I’m working my day job then going home to kids that either scream with joy at the sight of you or scream at each other because the Paw Patrol have been lined up in the incorrect order.

Then once they’re in bed, I can convince myself not to practice taekwondo, whilst I drink beer and play Nintendo before collapsing in bed.

Maybe, find a bit of time to write in my blog, or even better, finish one of those stories I’ve been working on for about 16 years…

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