Playing with Watercolours

I’ve done a few watercolour like digital paintings in the few year and I quite like how they look – tidy black ink lines with rough, slightly inaccurate colour behind.

I’ve also read a bit about keeping a sketch journal and discovered that it’s quite popular to carry a little set of watercolours around and do watercolour painting on the go.

So I thought I’d give it a go.

More recently I’ve favoured Brush Pens (basically felt tips) or Acryllic Paint, so I felt a bit rusty regarding water colours – would the paper dissolve, are these paints any good, how do I make my wash light enough, can I paint accurately with watercolour?

I googled decent paper and paints, read reviews on what to get… then I picked up my crappy Ryman Stationers knock off Moleskine and found a 12 half-pan set in my mountain of unused art material I’ve acquired over the years.

I picked today’s Daily Sketching Workshop topic (Greetings Earthling!), accidentally pluralised the “earthling” and came up with this:


I’m pretty happy with it, I made the paint too thick in the middle where the sign joins the UFO, need to work on create more gentle washes and graduating them down the page, but I’m happy. I really like the crowd.

Will be doing more of this, probably more often than Acrylics and about as often as Brush Pens.

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