Sketch Journal… again

I’m going to try and do a year of sketching again. 

I think the problem last time is I tried to do it exclusively on my iPad, while I love drawing on my iPad it means having it and the stylus charged and on me everyday wherever I go.

So now I’m just going for anything I can find – pens, biros, iPads, paint, receipts, canvas, sketchbooks, anything.

I’m going to try and do the Daily Sketching Workout Facebook group as well, they give you a subject to draw everyday so it pushes you outside your comfort zone a fair bit.

It’s also good to get inspiration from other artists… but I have to remember to admire their work and draw inspiration from it, not compare mine to it because they’re all way better than me.

Here’s number 1 and 2, plus a DSW drawing, Clothes for Animals

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