The bits in between, those are the important bits

Custard Cream, Bourbon, Jamie Dodger.

You buy them, you eat them, not for the biscuit, but because of the cream between them. That stuff in between is the important part, even though you want a biscuit, the cream makes it.

That’s how I see life as well, I used to think about it as a teenager regarding my friends. It was never the things you planned to do, it was always the stuff you did before or after. We went to see Harry Hill when I was in college and it was great… but getting his signature after wards, stealing a chair from the theatre and racing our cars around the car park was the best part. It’s why I always try and travel further to take the same flight with them when we go away.

Working in an office was always more fun than working alone at home – I’d get more work done but I’d miss things like making massive cardboard doors for the office dog to burst through. The banter, the practical jokes.

Life’s been pretty hectic lately, running the kids around, fitting work in, trying to do more Taekwondo teaching, everything tends to be quite rushed in our family. So when I got to nursery 15 minutes before it opened, I put my daughter in the front seat next to me, we found some emergency snack raisins in the glovebox to eat and put the Trolls soundtrack on the radio.

It was lovely, she was super happy and I felt like a good dad (mostly because I was still tolerating Trolls after hearing it 4 times that day already by 8.15)

Today I had a similar experience, we took the bus home from nursery because my daughter wanted to. It was just getting a bus home, nothing special to me, but all the time getting to the bus stop, buying a snack to eat on the way, climbing along walls on the way home – all the extra stuff around it made it a lovely trip.

I need to slow down a bit, make some more time to take things casually, becuase I’m probably missing out on having fun with all my kids, and my wife, friends, family, random people.

I need to find more of the little bits in between the big things. Big thing are predictable and going to happen anyway, I need to make room for more of the little moments to enjoy.

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