Short version:

I build websites, use lots of JavaScript technologies (incl. Vue and Node), manage all the hardware and devs where I work and I use and love Adobe Coldfusion

a few things I have done or currently do

  • I have a 1st Degree Blackbelt in Taekwondo
  • Used to White Water kayak and play Canoe Polo
  • 15,000 ft tandem skydive
  • Am learning to play the guitar.

I am lucky enough to be married and have 3 kids and I love doing DIY on our house.

I’m not on Facebook or LinkedIn but you can tweet me @willshawmedia

Probably due to my over active imagination, I am constantly thinking if new ideas that I never get to finish.

Star Wars, LEGO, Foo Fighters are all great.

Long version:

I make things that work on the Internet, mostly websites but APIs and Native and Hybrid smartphone apps, as well as doing all the other stuff that comes with them (database, version control, testing, monitoring)

I’ve worked for Carmen Data Ltd in Bristol for over 10 years, with a year break in the middle with the startup Get Socialite Ltd.

Until recently I also worked as a soul trader for a number of different clients, making websites, iOS apps and working with proprietary CMSs (wordpress and opencart mostly)

People and hardware relating to the fields I work with are systems I inevitably have to deal with – upgrading RAM, code reviews and “finding google” for confused relatives all come with the territory.

Tech I work with/use

  • Sublime text 3
  • Putty
  • Centos and Ubuntu
  • Git and Github
  • MySQL
  • Navicat, HeidiSql
  • NodeJS
  • VueJS
  • VanillaJS
  • ColdFusion
  • PHP
  • Bash

I’ve spent some time trimming some weight from my online profile.

I’m not on Facebook or Linkedin because they don’t leave me alone (too many interesting suggested videos and recruitment spammers)

Github and Stack Overflow profile links are available in the nav for this site. You can have a look at what I’m up to and what I’ve done in the past on there.

When not playing with computers or other tech folk, I do the following

  • Taekwon-Do
  • Play guitar
  • Draw
  • Fix my house
  • Build LEGO