What the hell is a Ganglia?

A ganglia is a blockage in the sheath around a tendon. The blockage causes the natural lubricant around your tendon within the sheath to build up and cause an uncomfortable lump.

This is most common on the wrists and fingers but has been known to appear on knees and I suppose it could happen wherever you have tendons.

It’s painful, and looks wierd, it can also get quite big, at one point in my life it was like I had half a golf ball under my skin. I asked the doctor about it, he said “It’s not serious, if it gets much bigger we could operate and cut it out, but it’ll probably just come back again anyway. Or, the traditional way is to bash it with a book, like the family bible. I could do that if you like!?”

So instead I just put a wrist support on like I always do, which minises movement in the wrist (as movement hurts) and also the pressure seems to help to get rid of the Ganglia, I suppose it kind of massages it out.

It seems to happen to me if I jar my wrists (doing press ups, working with garden sheers, tripping over and landing on them or holding a baby at a funny angle because that’s the only way she’s happy, for example) and it generally goes away after a couple of days. Sometimes it’s quite small and doesn’t really hurt much, sometimes it’s massive and pisses me off for about a week. Also once when working at staples I caught my wrist on the corner of a shelving unit and it dissapeared. It was fairly painful, but went away quickly.

Anyway, if you are reading this and you ever see me wearing one or maybe even two wrists supports, it’s probably a Ganglia again. Or two. Or maybe even three. I’ve got three this week.

Here’s some more information at Wiki…

Ps – mine don’t look as minging as most of the ones there do.