CSS after/content

I learnt some mega useful CSS today, which I feel like I should have known already. I found this out from a Treehouse video, talking about print styles sheets. Treehouse is an excellent website full of useful and well produced video tutorials covering a wide range of development, design and computing topics, including Graphic Design, … More CSS after/content


Front man Tom Riley, of famous band http://tomriley.net, gave me the gift of cassetteboy today. Well he at least pointed out his website to me after we watched one of his videos at lunch. Cassetteboy (who is actually 2 people I believe) have made some albums, which I’ve not listened to, but have been played … More Cassetteboy

Mmmm graze box

Long ago someone recommended I tried a Graze Box, as I like to snack a lot at my desk. I had a look at it, and it was all nuts and rubbish, so I just kept buying lots of biscuits. Recently, I had a look again at the site and they’ve added lots of chocolate … More Mmmm graze box