Awesome dreams!

Ok I’ve been pretty lax on the dreams recently… so I’m going to try and write these down before I forget. They’re both a bit hazy. So the first one, I remember being on some long corridor in an office building and this young boy was wearing a suit and tie, riding a trike a … More Awesome dreams!

Double Dream

I had a very long and mad dream last night, unfortunately I can’t remember all the details so I’ll have to bullet point it I had returned to service on a massive warship, like battlestar galactica and we were flying really high up but still in the atmosphere. I was on a flight deck talking … More Double Dream

If your wee looked like a horse, it would speak to you of course!

Another dream, or bits of a dream, as much as I can remember… I can’t fully remember what I was doing but I was with all my Bristol friends at a social occasion and I had to leave as Fredel was leaving and I needed a lift home. We walked to her car and there … More If your wee looked like a horse, it would speak to you of course!

It’s been too long

The events of last night are as follows: My 70’s style detective colleague and I were making a high speed getaway from something, somewhere, after making an arrest. The getaway was along a shallow stream, shallow, but wide enough for a red 70’s style muscle car. Suddenly we were driving through a city, jumping over … More It’s been too long