Beer, dairy and running

I’m running the 10k on the 20th May, I think that’s 2 weeks tomorrow. I’ve managed 3k so far… hmmm, not sure if I’ll make it.

But if I don’t, never mind, I’m really just using it to get me off my arse and training for the half marathon in September, which is 21k and the whole Carmen Data Ltd office is running it, except Xavi, but because he has a dodgy knee, not because he’s lazy or anything like that. Anyway my money’s on Tom, he ran about 20k in 1 hour 25 mins the other day.

So I’m trying to do a bit more running at the moment, and it feels pretty good even if I am not quite hitting my targets.

Coupled with that, Holly has given up Dairy and Alcohol during her final exams. So she’s got about 3 more weeks of that to go, and she’s been doing it for about 2 weeks already. I’m trying to join her, but I’m not as strict as her.

I’ve stopped eating butter, cheese and chocolate and I’ve stopped drinking milk. Neither of us are being 100% strict, Holly has had a Pizza and one Ice Cream, and a white tea in about 2 weeks. I’ve had 3 choc chip digestives, a milky tea and coffee, 2 Ice cream sundaes, shared that aforementioned Pizza with Holly, I think Matt Leach put butter in my bacon sandwich. So I’m not as strict as Holly… I’ve also drunk maybe 3 or 4 beers in that time. Holly hasn’t had any at all.

However, for me I’m actually pretty much fasting… I live on milk, cheese and chocolate… and red meat. The cheese and milk I can cope without. Red meat I still have plenty of.

But chocolate… I miss chocolate so much… a few choc chip digestive haven’t satisfied me at all. I want a big fucking slab of chocolate and I want to eat it, I want to eat it so bad. No stupid bits of biscuit and other nonsense, just plain old chocolate all over my face.

And beer… I’ve had a few beers at the pub, not really many, not compared to usual. But I want to drink beer at home… I like a beer or 2 when I’m writing code! A couple (or 8) coffees to get me started, then a couple of beers to wind down in the evening, then another 2 coffees to keep me going till 2am, then collapse in bed having written some excellent code, and probably done some tweeting.

So basically, this health drive thing I’m on does make me feel physically better, I might keep away from cheese and milk… but I seriously want some chocolate, and I want my beer back.

Mmmm graze box

Long ago someone recommended I tried a Graze Box, as I like to snack a lot at my desk.

I had a look at it, and it was all nuts and rubbish, so I just kept buying lots of biscuits.

Recently, I had a look again at the site and they’ve added lots of chocolate to the menu, including some tasty flap jacks. There’s lots of other cool stuff too like herby breads with tomato dips, the component ingredients of many nice things, tasty oriental snacks, it’s all much better now.

So I’m buying one a week at the moment. I haven’t paid full price for one in a while, Graze seem to have lots of deals to make each box cheaper for me, which is pretty good.

One of those deals, is that I get a quid off a box everytime someone else signs up with the following link:

So you should sign up, get your snacks delivered to work, feel healthy and good about it (it’s all very recyclable and green) and save me a pound a week!

They also have a pretty decent website, and they seem to have lots of jobs on offer too.

Inspired by Prague

Take a loaf of bread, hollow it out, take a Fredel, don’t hollow her out but do make her cook a really nice stew. Put the stew inside the bread loaf, and for fun, make it look like it hasn’t been touched. Eat it, be happy. Check it.


was eating a vegetarian pizza last night, however it was a half and half with a chicken feast. I noticed that I had some chicken in my mouth that had wondered across the border. I then spat it out half chewed. Now I said “well that’s it then I may as well give up and stop, but Fred said “dont waste it” and “it wasn’t your fault, you didnt know” and Mike said “you should carry on”, so I am doing.

Also I have a swear chart on my kitchen wall, and I’m up to about 15 pounds in one week, and it’s 20p an offence, I also have a deformed wheel on my car that is flat and refuses to detatch itself from the car which is quite a problem, my wisdom teeth hury and I’m losing my voice.

Still a Veggie

Just to keep you all posted, I’m still a vegetarian and only once almost ate some meat…

I’m still working at staples but work less now and instead I have most weekends off to visit people and get drunk and I also go canoeing and play football woooooooooooo!

Finally for certain reasons, I’m now 100% Bristolian, Bristol is my home town, I live in Bristol, I visit Horley and I grew up there, but I don’t live there.

These are my thoughts for the day…

It’s ok I’m a Veggie now!

Because Adam said he’d go Veggie for 6 months after Mark bought him a Veggie lunch, I decided I’d do it too. Now Adam and I have a £2.53 bet to see who gives up first. Most people think we wont do it. I know I will. I’ve already had a Steamed Mushroom Pudding. It was nice too.

More importantly I also made a bet with Sean from Staples that I could run the Half Marathon quicker than him next year, and we put £20 on it, so it’s now a race.

More importantly Mark was down this weekend again and went to some little club called Comfi on the back of th Triangle (which is opposite the place where you can upgrade your milkshake to XXX thick for £1 extra and then spend 30 minutes EATING it because the straw gets blocked by choc chips and collapses in on itself) and it was well safe, the DJ was a bit annoying and kept muting the songs, but he was the nicest DJ ever and would pat you on the shoulder and be really friendly when you requested stuff…

“Aaaah Greenday, I keep forgetting to bring any with me, sorry mate I promise I’ll bring some next week, sorry mate!”

I suggest you all go there. It was free to get in and the drinks were overpriced, but it was ace. They played Love Machine, can’t go wrong can you.