Mmmm graze box

Long ago someone recommended I tried a Graze Box, as I like to snack a lot at my desk. I had a look at it, and it was all nuts and rubbish, so I just kept buying lots of biscuits. Recently, I had a look again at the site and they’ve added lots of chocolate … More Mmmm graze box

Inspired by Prague

Take a loaf of bread, hollow it out, take a Fredel, don’t hollow her out but do make her cook a really nice stew. Put the stew inside the bread loaf, and for fun, make it look like it hasn’t been touched. Eat it, be happy. Check it.


was eating a vegetarian pizza last night, however it was a half and half with a chicken feast. I noticed that I had some chicken in my mouth that had wondered across the border. I then spat it out half chewed. Now I said “well that’s it then I may as well give up and … More oops…

Still a Veggie

Just to keep you all posted, I’m still a vegetarian and only once almost ate some meat… I’m still working at staples but work less now and instead I have most weekends off to visit people and get drunk and I also go canoeing and play football woooooooooooo! Finally for certain reasons, I’m now 100% … More Still a Veggie

I just ate 2 sausages!!

After an utterly pathetic stint of being vegetarian for just 1 day I made the foolish mistake of eating a cooked break fast Matt made for me. Luckily I only owe Adam £2.53, but I’m going to start again from 12:30 today and go till 12:30 April 16th 2007