Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword completion

I finally finished Skyward Sword, it took just under 40 hours to complete.

I’d give it 10/10. It wasn’t perfect, as my first thoughts post pointed out, however even with those tiny flaws I still think it’s one of the best games ever.

All the 3d Zelda games are amazing, I think this one might be my favourite.

I played over 20 hours of the game with Holly by my side, she was the physical embodiment of Fi, keeping me company and offering helpful advice… much more helpful than the in game Fi.

So I don’t know if Holly’s company made the game enjoyable, but I still enjoyed the other 20 odd hours myself.

There was a good balance of puzzles, side quests, adventuring, fighting etc. The game felt a bit massive at times but you could always take break and go bug hunting or play some of the mini games.

The villains were quite cool (Ghirahim was entertaining as well as a good fight), and the whole story line is supposed to be a prequel to the whole series, with Ocarina of Time following on next.

Zelda herself is bloody annoying and all her cut scenes go on far too long, but it does give you time to sit down and rest, as some of the sword fighting can be tiring.

Another annoying part is some spirit quest things you do, the goddess trials I think they are. They’re fucking hard. I really hated them. So much. Really. I think you have to do 4 of them.

You basically have to run around a little area, and collect 15 balls, and you have no weapons or items and you’re being hunted by about 30 massive one hit kills enemies.

The combat is quite cool, you get a sword, a bow, bombs, all the usual bits.
I think I killed almost all of the bosses first time, and maybe only got stuck on 2 or 3 puzzles throughout. So you could either say it’s a kids game, or I is well good at Zelda. Maybe a bit of both.

However, there were a couple of bosses that pissed me right off.

There is a 4 armed skeleton that took me a while to beat, although he didn’t kill me, I just had to use 2 fairies to beat him – fairies bring you back to life just as you’re dying and give you a second chance… and a third if you have another one. Anyway from that point onwards I realised I needed to be a bit less manic with the sword and actually be careful and place each strike properly.

Most of the enemies you can just wave the Wiimote around like a feather duster and it works ok, but that skeleton guy made me fight properly.

After him there is a 6 armed boss which I killed first time.
Later on you have to fight this crazy cyborg guy on the prow of a ship. He killed me first time, I found him frustratingly difficult. He killed me and twice again after my fairies revived me.

There were some more easy bosses, then you get to the final temple, which is an enormous 8 tile sliding puzzle game that you run around inside. You have to fight cyborg man again in there… I died 3 times again (using 2 more fairies again), swore at the screen millions of times, and then finally beat him.

And then you get the best fight of all. You have to run down a slope and fight about 300 normal enemies. You just sprint along smacking each one down before they swarm you, they come in about waives of 20 at a time. I’ve never actually felt more like a ninja in my live than at that moment. It might be my favourite piece of gaming ever.

After the slog through the swarm of little buggers, you fight Ghirahim for the final time.
He killed me a number of times, I swore at the camp bastard quite a lot. Then I went back to the potion shop, stocked up on crazy potions that gave me more health and went in calmly and beat him very quickly.

He was incredibly frustrating and he’s only the sidekick to the main boss! So after killing him, the boss reveals himself, I stocked up on potions again and went into the final battle…

Which I won first time. He was about 25% as hard as Ghirahim, which was very relieving.

I had taken me 40 hours to finish, which spread out from the release date until the first weekend in January, so about 2 months to complete.

I think I got a bit attached to my character, and I’ll probably go back again and 100% the game (find all the side quest bits).

Playing Skyward Sword has made me want to play all the other Zeldas again, which I’m going to do.

I’ve never finished Majora’s Mask, so I’ll do that one next I think.

In summary though, Skyward Sword is very good, I like the story, there is a good mix of platforming, puzzles, adventure and action.

There are a few annoying bits, but they probably make up like an hour out of a total of 40, so that’s forgiveable.

If you’re a Zelda geek you need this game. If you’re not, then it’s the prequel so it’s a good place to start.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword first thoughts



I preordered Skyward Sword from Amazon many months ago, and it arrived at my office on Friday… I was at home, but luckily Alex Kenny dropped it back to it’s rightful owner at about 4:15 on Friday! Thanks Alex!

And yes, I paid extra and got the utterly pointless but wonderfully tacky gold Wii remote with it! Awesome stuff.

So, thanks to that I got some work done this weekend… but not much.

I spent a lot more of my time fighting monsters and helping the inhabitants of Skyloft.

I’m quite enjoying Zelda, and Holly enjoyed watching me play it (genuinely) so much that she’s decided to play it too now.

Anyway, I’m going to point out some negative things first. Well maybe not negative, but surprising at least.

The graphics and pretty old fashioned, nothing impressive at all, looks like all the other games before and not very fancy. However… does it matter? No, completely not at all. I really don’t care that they are old, because Zelda’s not about the graphics.

I was surprised to see them not all that updated… but I got over it pretty quickly.

Another naff point, they still don’t use voices, you just get some wierd grunts and squeaks from the characters, with some fish-gasping-for-air like mouth movement, and some very slow to read subtitles. This is actually a bit annoying, I guess it saves on hiring many different actors to voice all the parts… but it would be nice to hear some real voices for a change.

One more bad point (because there really aren’t that many) is the BLOODY DOOR ANIMATIONS!! WHY DO I HAVE TO LOSE CONTROL OF LINK WHEN I GO THROUGH A BLOODY DOOR!

It’s been that way since the N64! It does frustrate me a little bit, because it slows the game down (like the long slow written cut scenes that don’t make use of real voices!)

I really do think this one point should have been updated.

But enough of that nonsense, on to the good points.

Skyward Sword is bloody brilliant! The world is as expansive as it should be, your companion for the trip is original and new, with a modern twist to her personality, and travelling around the world on your Loftwing is fun (although a little bit tricky to handle at times).

The combat system has been updated, it seems to get better and better with each version. I played Twilight Princess on the Game Cube so I didn’t get the Wiimote/Nunchuck experience on that game, but it works really well in Skyward Sword.

Switching the nunchuck and wiimote back and forth like a shield and sword is easy and intuative to use and it does make you feel like you’ve got more control over link.

The addition of the stamina gauge adds a new challenge to the game, it makes you think more about what you’re doing and forces you to plan ahead a bit more, instead of just rushing in with your sword swinging. It makes Link seem a little more vulnerable so it’s down to you to get him through a bit more.

I like the upgrade system, allowing you to make your shield stronger and potions more effective, but only if you’ve made the extra time and effort to collect the necessary resources. Like all Zelda games the more effort you put in the better your game playing experience will be – because the more powerful you make Link!

Maybe though, you can make Link too powerful? I have found the boss battles a little bit easy so far, it does feel like they’ve made the game more accessible than previous ones, but then again I’m quite early on in the game so it might get harder later on.

I’ve still got a lot to of the game to play and I’ve hardly done any of the side quests so far (which are as usual a nice break from the main quest and very entertaining and fulfulling as well)

I’ll write another post when I’ve finished it, but I imagine I’ll just be saying “Yes it really is very good”

Minecraft – Joy has 6 sides

I’ve never been quite so overcome with a compulsion to arrange and stack cubes, as I am today.

I happened to come across Minecraft due to a popular web comic making a joke towards it’s addictive and seemingly tedious gameplay. To better understand the joke I looked the game up, and decided it looked ridiculous and couldn’t be fun at all. Yet thousands of people were playing it and despite it still being in Beta?

There was only one thing for it, I had to play it to prove myself right, or wrong.

And I was wrong. It is incredibly fun. I was wrong to doubt it, and I was wrong to play it.

The game goes far beyond building structures and landscapes with crudly textured cubes (which is itself quite addictive). There is a 20 minute day/night cycle, 10 minutes of light so you can harvest food, expand your home and gather resources… And 10 minutes of darkness to shelter in fear in the safety of your warmly lit cave/castle/mansion from the evils that creep in the dark of night.

You might start off with blocks of wood and stone, but these can be crafted into tools so you can work more quickly and defend yourself if something creeps into your home. You can build boats, doors, glass and bookshelves to improve your lifestyle and abode.
The game offers you limitless possibilities, yet somehow manages to keep the game simple enough so as not to overburden you with responsibilities. It is the perfect union of simplicity and complexity.

The best way to describe this game is a cross between Tetris and Second Life, with your favourite RPG elements thrown in.

The game is still in development but the developers will let you have it at a knock down price while it’s in Beta, with a promise of the full version for free to all that purchase now.

You can download a Windows .exe, a .jar for Linux and it’s also available on Mac. But best of all you can just play it in a web browser window!

I love this game, I love the charming and simple graphics, that mask the clever and interesting gameplay.

The only reason I’m not giving it full marks, is so I can give the final release more when it’s out.

I can’t see myself doing much else in the coming weeks, maybe months. And God help me when it’s finally released in full.

My heart is lost to a world of corners, with little love left for Earths round edges.

And that is why, I was wrong to play Minecraft.

– This review is also posted on Game Debate

– Check out the game here: Minecraft.net