IKEA crazy stool

Me and Hol bought an IKEA step stool thing recently, and it came with this lovely warning sticker. I may be wrong, but here are the definitions that I interpreted from the sticker.

Sport Eating

I was thinking yesterday about a new fun game that would allow you to eat whatever food you wanted, while cancelling out the calorific effects at the same time. I’m a pretty big chocoholic and with the Olympics coming up and all the TV faff about it going on, I suppose that’s what’s caused this … More Sport Eating


There’s a new website called LUUUX.com that lets you add posts in a number of different categories, so you can contribute to a large online blog about the latest fashions, trends and crazes. The site also shows all of your posts filtered out so you’ve got your own seperate blog. You earn points for posting, … More LUUUX.com

Bands galore

I’m currently posting from my n95 whilst sitting on the m25, being driven to a Muse gig, by Mr Pav. I feel that now is an appropriate time to inform the world of two important pieces of information, First of all, Pav and I are definately without a doubt going to form a band called … More Bands galore

Important News

Since starting at Comcar, I have used up 4 Bic biros in their entirety. Today I begin the 5th. I’ve never finished a Biro completely before Comcar, and now I’m on a roll. This goes out to all those people with a Biro fetish

So I sort of… signed up to that, Twitter thing. Ya know the one

My parents are on it… I can’t let them be on it if I’m not right? RIGHT!! Excellent. In theory… this post or notification of it should appear on http://twitter.com/skeatermedia Update: NOT ANY MORE IT DOESN’T! BlogCFC doesn’t do the plug in to twitter thing, and that’s fine, I’ll do it myself if I care … More So I sort of… signed up to that, Twitter thing. Ya know the one