Sport Eating

I was thinking yesterday about a new fun game that would allow you to eat whatever food you wanted, while cancelling out the calorific effects at the same time.

I’m a pretty big chocoholic and with the Olympics coming up and all the TV faff about it going on, I suppose that’s what’s caused this mental recipe to be conducted in my head.

The general purpose of SE (Sport Eating) will be to consume a food of your choice whilst performing some kind of physical activity.

Like Taekwon-do or Kayaking, SE can have many disciplines, although there would be common concepts across all disciplines.

Common components to Sport Eating


The Diner is the person doing the eating, who has to overcome physical barriers in order to consume the food.


The person that launches/holds the food in the appropriate position for the diner to consume it.

Food catching accuracy

How much of the food goes in the mouth during the catch, and how well it is lodged. Catching a peanut while standing still will give you little points, jump catching a strand of spaghetti and sucking it in to the mouth before your feet hit the ground will give you lots of points.

Dining style

What ever the type of SE, additional points will be given for eating with style and flair. For example, catching food in your mouth whilst running would be a basic style, catching whilst jumping would be worth more points, then spins and rolls, vaulting obstacles etc would all add additional points to the score.


Like all good meals, a game of SE will take place over 3 meals – starter, main, dessert. The starter is like a warm up, the main will be where the bulk of points are collected and the dessert will be an oppurtunity to regain lost points or add crazy jump twist flip turns to gain mega points.


The menu is the food that gets eaten during the 3 courses, and should be prepared appropriately for the course.

For example, during the starter course, smaller easier to eat items of food would be worth while, whereas complex wet foods would be better for the showy desert stage.

Styles of Sport Eating

Distance Eating

This one inspired it all. The Server launches food over a distance (chosen by the Diner) which the Diner then has to catch using only their mouth. The a longer distance adds additional points, as well as the usual menu/style points collected.

Freestyle Eating

The Server either launches the food into the air or holds the food still for the Diner, who performs entertaining stunts and movements in order to catch the food.

Obstacle Eating

Like Rally driving, the 3 courses are treated as stages, and the accumulative time taken to complete each course is taken as the total time, with additional points awarded or seconds deducted depending on the style and menu of the courses.

The courses will be set up as an obstacle course, with the food placed at the end of the course. This is the most physically demanding element of Sport Eating.

Sprint Eating

The 3 courses are laid out across a 100m track at 25m intervals, with the final 25m being a sprint to finish. At each course the Diner must sit still and consume the course before continuing. There are no style points available on this race, although an interesting Menu can be used to reduce seconds from your total time.

I think sport eating is an excellent idea that will definitely take off. Let’s make it happen and get it in the Olympics!

Here’s an idea…

I printed off the first sheet of three database results…

At the bottom, it said 1/3

That may have once been the truth when it was electronic, but since I’d printed it there was only one sheet, not three, so it was one of one… 1/1, so I scribbled out 1/3 and wrote down 1/1

Then I realised, it looked like I’d written 111… which was also a lie, which I had created

I circled this lie, so that the slash touched the edges of the circle, so it kinda of now looked like a paracetemol tablet with a line in each half.

Which I suddenly decided looked a bit like a cute little robot, that should be called Switch, and it should be white with black eyes, and opens up and has little legs or rocket boosters and will be the star of a flash platformer puzzle game.

But that’s where my brain stopped. I just need a story line, and a few spare weeks to code it, but I have an idea for the title screen, which is good!