I just don’t have the time

On my 20 minute walk home from work, I usually do one of 3 things with my brain to keep myself entertained.

One of them, is to design my fantasy island with a massive mansion, a race track, an air strip, recording studios, and a large staff of attractive female celebrities, to load my dishwasher, mow my many lawns and polish my many cars. There would be rooms in all of the wings for all my friends and family, probably an oversized “soft play” for adults, a paintball arena, rally track, football pitch… that kind of thing.

Something else I do is try to solve logic problems I’ve got with code/applications, something about being a way from a desk and detaching myself from the problem usually fixes it.

If I’m not doing one of the other, chances are I’m coming up with another project for me to probably never finish. Here’s a current list of things I’ve started and not finished…

  • 5quared.com – a review site, for reviewing everything, tied to…
  • HowItHandles.com, a review site for cars, with an excellent twist, tied to…
  • Online Motor Musuem… a musuem for every car ever, with varying levels of interactivity for the free, paying and premium musuem goer
  • HolGood.com – a website to help you say thanks to anonymous people who’ve helped you in life
  • Teaboi – a tea break timer
  • The Swarm Trilogy + other short stories
    • Swarm
    • Tolerance
    • Captains
    • 8 short stories
  • Cruise – a story about sinking cruise ships
  • Closure – a story about the end of the universe, matter and stuff like that
  • SkyGate – an animated series about a futuristic toll road (exciting stuff ay!)
  • KungDo – a kung fo themed to-do list app
  • IE Sicks – a website about how shit Internet Explorer is
  • PratNav – a comedy sat-nav site
  • InMyWin – site listing useful free windows apps
  • Chair made out of CDs (Jason Yeo’s idea… I bet he hasn’t done it yet either!)
  • Build and race a rally car – fairly self explanatory
  • Kuko’s welcome back to the UK present
  • Get a black belt in a martial art

That’s everything I can think of at the moment… there’s probably more.

Anyway, I think the reasons I don’t do this (and they are all very very good reasons) are that I have to do all my own washing, tidying, cleaning, food shopping, I have a lovely fiance and daughter to play with, I have 2 jobs, I’m addicted to films and video games, I go to taekwondo a couple of times a week, and I get easily distracted by household DIY…

I do get through things slowly… but certainly not at the rate that I come up with ideas. So basically, if anyone wants to do some of this stuff for me, I’ll pay them a tiny percentage of the inevitable millions I’ll make from it all.

Also using the toilet is annoying, I have to go pee now. What a waste of time…

It’s been a while… again

So once again I’ve left it about a million years to post, but that’s my style.

I really like the idea of blogging and often have many wonderful things to say, but I’m not usually close enough to a computer to actually blog.

I have started to Tweet a bit though, and I follow people lots, I think I get Twitter now.

But in recent months there has been an influx of modern fancy web connected devices into my life, so hopefully I can write down and record these ideas on the go and update more often.

Anyways, coming up this week:

  • Skeatermedia.co.uk to be redesigned again!
  • Willshawmedia portfolio to reappear
  • iOS app number 1 to be released
  • I rant about big companies, and getting stuff for free off them
  • I do a techie geeky post about how I work and I invite you all to comment!

But the shockingest news… I’ve got an iPhone. And I’ll probably buy a Mac of some sort too.

But I’ll always have my PC, and she’ll always be in charge.

Fred’s chest

A short while ago whilst in Ikea, Fredel couldn’t find a wooden chest that suited her needs, and the ones we did see were all over priced, so I said “I could build you a better chest for cheaper than that!”

And so I did, under the guidance of Bernard Openshaw, whilst being catered for by Miv Openshaw, myself and my carpentry team of Jess, Pav and Pros built Fredel an awesome wooden chest, as you can see below!

Construction Photos

Also, on the subject of Ikea being naff, read this… http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/IKEA