The bits in between, those are the important bits

Custard Cream, Bourbon, Jamie Dodger.

You buy them, you eat them, not for the biscuit, but because of the cream between them. That stuff in between is the important part, even though you want a biscuit, the cream makes it.

That’s how I see life as well, I used to think about it as a teenager regarding my friends. It was never the things you planned to do, it was always the stuff you did before or after. We went to see Harry Hill when I was in college and it was great… but getting his signature after wards, stealing a chair from the theatre and racing our cars around the car park was the best part. It’s why I always try and travel further to take the same flight with them when we go away.

Working in an office was always more fun than working alone at home – I’d get more work done but I’d miss things like making massive cardboard doors for the office dog to burst through. The banter, the practical jokes.

Life’s been pretty hectic lately, running the kids around, fitting work in, trying to do more Taekwondo teaching, everything tends to be quite rushed in our family. So when I got to nursery 15 minutes before it opened, I put my daughter in the front seat next to me, we found some emergency snack raisins in the glovebox to eat and put the Trolls soundtrack on the radio.

It was lovely, she was super happy and I felt like a good dad (mostly because I was still tolerating Trolls after hearing it 4 times that day already by 8.15)

Today I had a similar experience, we took the bus home from nursery because my daughter wanted to. It was just getting a bus home, nothing special to me, but all the time getting to the bus stop, buying a snack to eat on the way, climbing along walls on the way home – all the extra stuff around it made it a lovely trip.

I need to slow down a bit, make some more time to take things casually, becuase I’m probably missing out on having fun with all my kids, and my wife, friends, family, random people.

I need to find more of the little bits in between the big things. Big thing are predictable and going to happen anyway, I need to make room for more of the little moments to enjoy.

Playing with Watercolours

I’ve done a few watercolour like digital paintings in the few year and I quite like how they look – tidy black ink lines with rough, slightly inaccurate colour behind.

I’ve also read a bit about keeping a sketch journal and discovered that it’s quite popular to carry a little set of watercolours around and do watercolour painting on the go.

So I thought I’d give it a go.

More recently I’ve favoured Brush Pens (basically felt tips) or Acryllic Paint, so I felt a bit rusty regarding water colours – would the paper dissolve, are these paints any good, how do I make my wash light enough, can I paint accurately with watercolour?

I googled decent paper and paints, read reviews on what to get… then I picked up my crappy Ryman Stationers knock off Moleskine and found a 12 half-pan set in my mountain of unused art material I’ve acquired over the years.

I picked today’s Daily Sketching Workshop topic (Greetings Earthling!), accidentally pluralised the “earthling” and came up with this:


I’m pretty happy with it, I made the paint too thick in the middle where the sign joins the UFO, need to work on create more gentle washes and graduating them down the page, but I’m happy. I really like the crowd.

Will be doing more of this, probably more often than Acrylics and about as often as Brush Pens.

Sketch Journal… again

I’m going to try and do a year of sketching again. 

I think the problem last time is I tried to do it exclusively on my iPad, while I love drawing on my iPad it means having it and the stylus charged and on me everyday wherever I go.

So now I’m just going for anything I can find – pens, biros, iPads, paint, receipts, canvas, sketchbooks, anything.

I’m going to try and do the Daily Sketching Workout Facebook group as well, they give you a subject to draw everyday so it pushes you outside your comfort zone a fair bit.

It’s also good to get inspiration from other artists… but I have to remember to admire their work and draw inspiration from it, not compare mine to it because they’re all way better than me.

Here’s number 1 and 2, plus a DSW drawing, Clothes for Animals

Free of freelancing

Life is considerably more complicated than it once was. Being an adult is hard work, I don’t mean having over 25 birthdays (because 25 is adulthood not 18…) but actually acting like a grown up.

Not paying bills, you do that as a teenager, but contesting unnecessary charges, switching providers to get the cheapest deals and complaining your arse off to get stuff for free.

Not getting a job, you do that as a teenager, but progresing your career, taking pride and an interest in what you do and investing your time in your industry so you can help it progress around you.

Not just finding somewhere to live, you do that as a teenager, but saving to buy, mowing the lawn, putting up shelves, cleaning the bathroom, getting leaks fixed and wiring redone.

Being a parent made me realise how bloody hard mine worked and how much I owe them, and how much of my time I need to give up in my kids early years to give them the best future.
So I’m not freelancing anymore, I’m working my day job then going home to kids that either scream with joy at the sight of you or scream at each other because the Paw Patrol have been lined up in the incorrect order.

Then once they’re in bed, I can convince myself not to practice taekwondo, whilst I drink beer and play Nintendo before collapsing in bed.

Maybe, find a bit of time to write in my blog, or even better, finish one of those stories I’ve been working on for about 16 years…

Social Media login in native apps

I spotted the Drivetribe iOS app in the featured content in the app store, I’ve seen it buzzing around Twitter so I thought I’d have a look.

I noticed the reviews were about 2.5 stars on average, which seemed a bit low so I had a look through them.

Basically, it gets rated 5* by most people, 3-4* by others that use it and everyone else that rates it gives it 1*, the point being everyone rating it that low hasn’t even used the app.

Drivetribe requires you to sign up with Facebook, there are no other signup methods available, no simple email sign up, no Google, no Twitter. Apparently Twitter is coming soon, but not yet. This doesn’t bother me at all, I have a Facebook account. I’m not religiously addicted to Facebook, I don’t have it on my phone so I can’t get drawn into it but I stalk my friends every other day or so and use the messenger a lot. I also use Twitter, Google and have email so I’m basically sorted on any form of sign up.

I know not everyone has all these sign up opitons available to them, but app developers (and those that design the apps) usually aren’t out to please everyone on the internet, they’re there to please as many people as they can as quickly as possible at the beginnig and if it works out they can start picking up more users.

Developing apps takes a lot of time and effort, sure big well promoted apps have a lot of funding behind them but it still takes time to get going and you need to secure a decent userbase early on to justify the continued development of the app (or any product really, you either need to start making money early or get traffic/footfall to justify someone else investing in you – unless you’re inventing something like the zip or sliced bread)

Using Facebook sign up as your first option for users is a good idea in an early release, they have in excess of 1.5 billion users, that’s nearly a quarter of the population of the planet being able to sign up to your app by dropping adding a few lines to your code.

You don’t have to do sign up forms, verify emails, worry about storing secure data, Facebook sorts all that out for you. Not everyone that wants to use your app will be on Facebook and not everyone on Facebook will want to use your app, but you’ve saved development time and got an enourmous base of potential users.

If you get some success from that base, you can easily justify adding other sign ups (that will be smaller in numbers, including email sign up) and hopefully increase the number of users you’ve got.

This isn’t uncommon, ok often there’s the option of “Facebook or email” or “Facebook, Twitter or email” etc, but I can see why development would skip email sign ups these days, especially in a first version.

Also Drivetribe is a social media app anyway, so they’re probably relying on the content being shared via other social media networks, so the email sign up users are going to be less important.

Now you can take offence by that, by being shunned or “discrimintated” as some people have stated, but my main problem with this all is does that make the app 1*.

Just because you can’t use it, does that make it “garbage”?

I bet the First Class seating on a plane, the driving experience of a Rolls Royce or whatever it is you gain from a $1000 dollar handbag wouldn’t get awful reviews from people that haven’t used them.

I guess what this all boils down to, is I take offence from people that review software, that has been developer by people just working their jobs (not by Hammond, May and Clarkson themselves) and then people that have chosen themselves not to use Facebook and therefore not let themselves use the app to leave negative reviews.

Those star ratings mean more than the words – you could write a complaint about Facebook sign up somewhere else but saying the app is bad when you haven’t used it, well that’s damaging someone’s livelehood. Somewhere down the chain, there are software developers building apps, in an incredibly competitive markert.

If you have a complaint about Facebook login, Twitter login, some thing else that you’ve opted out from asy our own decision, complain about that – but don’t redirect that frustation towards someone else’s hard work.



Another Technology Dilemma

I like buying new Tech, I get excited about it, I spend a while researching what to get, bore my wife senseless talking about the different options that are available to me, the pros and cons of each one, make charts trying to work it all out, come to an informed decision and then usually go and buy something else instead.

Most of the time, I’m pretty happy with what I end up buying.

I recently bought a Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard to accompany the iPad Pro I bought last year. I’m using it now, it’s great, it’s about twice the size of my phone and 1/4 the size of the iPad so it’s very portable (about the size of an old fashioned CD album, remember those?).

Since I bought the enormous iPad I pretty much only use my old Macbook Air for software development – iOS is still pants for development, it’s great for almost everything I do everyday (Netflix, Shopping, Sketching, Reading, Browsing, Music, etc) but when I need to write a load of code and switch between terminals, servers, DB admin and Github then I need a real keyboard and a real OS. The foldable keyboard is close enough, I think I could use it for coding but iOS is just not good enough for development, I need desktop software.

So my Macbook Air is getting old now, I think it’s a 2011 model, it’s getting a bit slow, the screen’s not as crisp as newer devices and the battery lasts about half as long as current models.

Last year I considered switching to the Surface Pro 4, it looked great and the tablet mode meant I could start doing digital sketching on it – but I bought the iPad instead and decided to hold out for the new Macbooks, which finally arrived this October.

I just don’t want one though. In the year while I’ve been waiting to see what Apple were going to release I’ve been keeping my eye on the Microsoft Surface Book, and it looks brilliant, and I want one. I also want the Surface Studio, which I’m not sure has even been released yet but it looks like an iMac killer. Big 28″ Touch screen that is apparently as good as a Cintiq

So Microsoft announced all these lovely things the day before Apple finally revealed the Macbook Pro updates. As every company does every time they update their hardware, they made the screen better, processors, memory, all that stuff that they obviously will do anyway… and then they dropped the function keys and added that weird touch bar thing.

Maybe, it’s really useful, maybe the contextual buttons are great and really help with development or work flow or something like that. That’s not really ground breaking, or amazing though. It just seems like a gimmick. I mean it’s unique on a laptop, sure, but it’s just a smaller touch screen, that doesn’t do as much as a full touch screen would.

What if they’d made a hybrid laptop/tablet AND added the touch bar thing! That would have been cool, different, ahead of everyone else.

I switched from Windows to Mac years ago, I really did think MacOS was better, the laptops were shinier, the eco system felt nicer with my phone and to be fair to my little Macbook it is still doing a pretty good job.

Windows 10 though, I think I prefer it to Mac OS. I never stopped using Windows in the Office, and I’m really enjoying using it now. Because of my iPad being so useful, I barely use MacOS now and remembering the different keyboard shortcuts and OS settings is just annoying, a once a week inconvenience to use MacOS for no gain over Windows.

I think within the next year, I’ll be using a Surface Pro 4 (maybe 5 by then?) and with the money I’ll save by not getting a Surface Book I’ll be able to upgrade my Xbox 360.

I’ll keep the Macbook Air, I can dust it off to occasionally generate an iOS dev key if I get back into that, and my iPad Pro will hopefully last me years as my main internet consumption device (I still find iOS and all its apps the easiest way to do most internet tasks) but I think I’m going to go back to Windows for my main freelance work device soon.

Apple have about 12 months to do something laptop/tablet/hybridish to keep me, but they haven’t really done anything to interest me for a couple of years now, plus I don’t think they have any need to please me specifically.

Now my main problem is, I can’t really afford to replace the Macbook right now, BUT Microsoft are bundling in an Xbox One S if you buy a Surface Book or Pro right now… so, maybe I can’t really afford not to right? I’ll just be spending that money next year anyway…

Bash Script to download files and push to S3

I have a development bucket on Amazon S3, which I use when I’m testing image and file uploads so I can upload ridiculous pictures relatively safe in the knowledge they’ll never appear live.

Sometimes though, I need the images to match something in the database (like the image for a news article)

So I quickly put together a Bash script that loops over a list of http links and pushes them to an S3 bucket:

Also, it’s the first time I’ve used the Do what the fuck you want to Public Licence

LEGO Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor 75135


My Star Wars LEGO collection is growing steadily, as well as a range of models from the Prequel and Original Trilogies I’ve completed Microfighters Series 1 and 2 and I’ve ordered all of Series 3 already (turns out if you don’t buy them early, they jump from £9 to £20-£30)

I’ve got a couple of the big models as well, and I quite fancy another big build like the Slave 1 or Red Five X-Wing but I can’t decide what to get right now, so I’ve gone for something in between Microfighter and UCS set.

I already have a Jedi Interceptor, but I like the idea of having Obi Wan and Anakin’s fighters side by side, and maybe get a Vulture droid as well and have a little collection from the opening fight of Episode 3.

They’re pretty similar to look at, apart from the obvious colour difference, but there are a few more subtle changes between the two models. Some don’t really change the build or look of the model overall, whereas some of the features are much nicer, and it’s not always the newer one (Obi-Wan’s) that’s better.

In terms of assembly, they’re not that hard to build, and not too repetitive. You build the cockpit, then build the wings one at a time, each of the 3 main components comes in it’s own bag – I think, definitely for Obi-Wan’s, Anakin’s I built a year ago so can’t quite remember.

But I do remember not being too bored building the 2 wings, for either model, because you build the slot for the droid in only one wing, so it’s not the same model on both sides.

The engines have changed at the back, I think I prefer the one’s on Anakin’s ship – they’re a bit bigger and bulkier. Also the cockpit has a little more detail in it, and some clips at the back to hold the lightsaber in parts – with Obi Wan’s there’s no where to put the lightsaber, it just can’t be part of the model if it’s out on display.

Another thing that changed, which really makes no real difference at all but made me wonder – is the hinge mechanism for the cockpit glass is inverted… if I paid more attention I could probably see why they did it.

The wings are pretty similar again, some slight changes which I couldn’t really say had improved over the previous ones. Same for the guns again, different end pieces but basically the same thing. The droid slot on Anakin’s wing is deeper so R2 sticks out less than R4 in Obi Wan’s – but the stickers on Obi Wan’s wings are better, as they are on the outside unlike Anakin’s which is just a plain yellow surface.

Due to the change in wing build, the newer model is slightly shorter, but again you can’t really tell without lining them up and measuring them.

Overall, I like both models, enjoyed building them both and found it interesting looking at the changes between the two versions. Some people say they’re too similar, and something else could have been released instead but I like having a fleet, I like having the fighters paired up to replicate the scenes from the Star Wars universe.

After doing a bit of reading on the LEGO Jedi Interceptors I realised there are some more to get, as well as a few more Jedi Starfighters.

I think these Jedi fighters could be an area of my collection that I’m going to make the effort to collect in full.



My years with a standing desk

I’m not sure how long I’ve had a standing desk, I can’t remember when I converted, but I’m pretty sure it was over 5 years ago.

I sat at my colleague’s desk today for about an hour to help him with some code, and my shoulders were burning by the end of it. There are 2 ways I like to work on a computer

  • standing up at my enormous, multi-layered, multi-monitored desk at work
  • sat on the sofa, in bed or in my arm chair with my laptop warming my thighs

Sitting at a desk, or a table, or anything other than the 2 options listed above is uncomfortable, painful, less productive and just generally rubbish.

So I’m going to explain my full desk set up from my monitor height to what my feet rest on.

Once again, these are facts, backed up by me confirming them as the truth and definitely right. There are no contradictions to what I’m about to say and there’s no way that today I found all these different recommendations out on the internet:

If those recommendations did all exist on the Internet, and were all correct, then you would have to either be a mutant or put your body in some kind of head-stretching, back-breaking paradox to achieve them. Plus, your feet would get very sore. Oh, or maybe they just can’t all be right?

That’s really the point though – which is also something to bear in mind when reading this post. I probably go against the general rules of the NHS and other clever people who have studied stuff, and the entire office today discussed the correct height for monitors… well there is no “correct” height for monitors. It’s all dependent on you, and that’s an important thing to keep in mind when you go head to head with your managers about your bad back and RSI.

So here’s how I’ve got everything set up…

2015-11-30 21.10.19

… and an explanation of it all

  • Normal desk, so it fits in with the rest of the office. Same height, depth etc
  • Custom built riser, built from a matching desktop and set to my elbow height. This means my arms rest comfortably not angled up or hanging down,  about a 90 degree bend. I’ve not got anything like RSI working at this desk, my arms are super happy.
  • Monitor stand – I originally built this for my desk at home which was a little shorter. At first the stand felt a bit too tall, I thought the monitors were too high up and I had to tip my head back a bit, but I’ve adjusted now and have no complaints. My eye level is slap bang in the middle of the top row of monitors AND THIS IS FINE… all the content I work on is at the bottom of the code editors, or command line windows, or the console in Chrome. I don’t really need “File, Edit, Tools” etc… keyboard shortcuts mate. So it might not work for you, but move the monitors to THE HEIGHT THAT IS COMFY FOR YOU!
  • 3x 22 inch monitors. Some people say I have too many, I say I don’t have enough. I need 1, maybe 2 more. I don’t like switching windows and I’m often doing about 6 things at once, so it’s easiest to just see all those 6 things at the same time. I do have to move my head around a bit, so I have them pushed back as far as possible. Most commonly used stuff is right in front of my face.
  • My 4th monitor, the little on that sits on the desk, this is a problem at the moment. I used to have this on a shelf next to my desk, it’s currently in an awful position but it gets used a little less often. I need to get a wall bracket and hang it down above the others.
  • I’ve got my actual tower PC sat on it’s side on the lower desktop. All cables go out the back of the riser, and there is space for them to all plug into the extension lead. This keeps all my cables off the floor, the only thing I have dropping down is the plug and the ethernet cable. It’s tidy.
  • The little set of drawers I glued into the gap, mostly to keep chocolate in.
  • The cardboard box under the monitor stand uses up the space nicely and fits my emergency rations in it, the ones too big for the drawers…
  • I also tend to keep a stool under the desk so I can go and join colleagues at their old fashioned sitting desks, although like I said, I can’t stay sat down for long before my back and shoulders start to ache.
  • I stand with no shoes on, and currently the new office has a nice soft carpet so I’m quite happy just in socks. The old office had a harder floor, I just bought myself a 50cm square piece of chair foam to stand on. It’s fine, I can happily get through my 10 hour days on it. Apparently Judo crash mats work just as well, but the chair foam is cheap and does the job perfectly.

So that’s my setup, it’s gone through a few revisions but I love it, am very comfy in it and have done some 12 hours days there, quite happily.

There are a few things I’ve learnt as I’ve updated my desk and working style over the last few years:

  • You do need to sit down and pause a few times through the day. Lunch break, working with colleagues, going to the toilet. You can’t do a full day straight, but I find I don’t need to pause for long.
  • Don’t stand completely still when you’re at your desk and don’t stand with a 50/50 weight distribution. Basically move around, stay comfy, change positions – like if you worked in a shop, you’d move around a bit. Maybe 50/50 straight upright works for you, but I basically don’t stand in the same position for longer than a decent album’s worth of time, and that’s only if I have to do some headphones-on, ignore-everyone-else style coding.
  • Standing also burns more calories, this whole thing has helped keep some of those desk snacks off my waistline.
  • The being-on-your-feet-ness also encourages movement, so it helps with the previous 2 points. It keeps your blood pumping, keeps you awake in the afternoon lull, helps keep you alert. I find I move around the office a lot more and that helps my workflow in many ways – I have a little stroll to work over a problem in my head, I go collect stuff from the printer as I print it instead of letting it pile up, I fill a few minutes here and there with something that needs doing away from my desk. This gives my body a chance to flex a bit, and my mind gets to re-approach a problem slightly fresher.
  • Don’t wear shoes – just makes your feet sweat. Get a decent mat or pad, kick your shoes off, wiggle your toes.
  • Cover your desk in sticky back plastic! Ok, this isn’t directly related to the standing thing, but I’ve done this, got some whiteboard pens and I find it incredibly useful for sketching ideas, prototyping, to-do lists, reminders. It’s sort of related, my desk makes me move more, and clearing the keyboard out the way and jotting notes across the full width of my desk is much easier standing than it is sitting down.

Yeah, so this post has gone on for a while. I hope it’s genuinely useful for someone who is considering a standing desk or looking to improve the one they have.

I couldn’t go back to a sitting desk – my desk makes me more productive, keeps the edge of my beer guy, back and neck ache free and the talk of the town… ok, not the town, but people do come in and see my towering construction of monitors and be like “Mate, wtf?”.

It’s not for everyone, in the same way that sitting simultaneously at a 90 and 135 degree angle isn’t for everyone – but for those suffering with back/neck/wrist/elbow/knee/ear problems from their desk… try standing.

*note – most of this post is actually really good regarding standing desks, I just massively disagree with the standing upright, feet fixed thing. It’s all about the fidget and constant changing of positions (I love leaning on my elbows whilst reading, then standing straight to type, or standing on one leg… it’s never the same)

On the topic of Humans

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last 24 hours on the phone to multiple insurers, car hire companies, the DVLA and the council – this is all in the fallout from having my car torched.

All of the companies above use some sort of automated telephone system to do the low level filtering into departments. The voices these days are a lot less robotic and they do a reasonable job of directing the most common calls, although I tend to find mine are awkward and I need a person – yelling gibberish at them at any stage sometimes cuts you through to a human, or sometimes makes them hang up on you.

I usually try to remain polite when I’m talking to robots, and I always say “Goodbye” back to them when they say it to me. I’m the same with Siri on my phone – I’m choosing to treat them like a person.

I’ve wondered before if it’s safer in case there’s a robot uprising and they might look on my with sympathy because i’ve treated their forefathers kindly.

It’s also just polite, if I exchanged similar words with a human that answered on a switchboard the exchange would be almost identical, so I’d be polite and thank them. Why not the machines?

Another good reason to do it… I spoke to the council a few weeks ago, and when I was asked for my reference number I just said “No”. The lady on the other end of the line paused, and then said “Do you not have it with you then?”… at which point I realised I was not talking to a robot, but a very monotone, bored sounding and not been awake that long (although ultimately very helpful) lady. I doubled up on the politeness thereafter, and regretted my early morning, can’t-be-bother attitude at the start of the call.

I’m also re-watching the Battlestar Galactica (BS:G) remake, the more recent series. I think it’s fantastic, the CGI, costumes, sets are all great – I particularly like how they make the ships fly and drift in space, with little bursts of rocket to spin them around, instead of making them swoop and fly like planes.

Anyway, in BSG there are the Cylons, who were just robots but then they made clones that look Human but are sort of synthetic and programmable and can download when they die to a new body.

There’s this massive race issue with Human/Cyclon hatred generally going both ways, but some Cyclon/Human sympathy forming on both sides of the war.

As well as the constant negativity between parties, more serious issues come up like execution without trial (because a Cyclon is a machine and you don’t give a machine a trial) and allowing a member of the opposite race to cross sides and become officers.

Whilst all this is happening there is the debate that Cylons can think, love, eat, sleep, dream etc, so they should be treated like people. Others argue it’s all programming and not real, they’re not Human.

But something I realised this morning, is that whilst a lot of people (real or fictional) struggle with the idea of thinking of a machine as “real” or “alive” – this world is full of people that de-humanise actual Humans.

Across the world people are treated like they are different to their oppressors – not just on a large scale (slavery, people trafficking etc) but on small scales, like domestic abuse, theft…. and arson.

When someone burnt my car, they also burnt my family’s car. They burnt the possessions inside it – nothing the insurance companies can replace. No one can replace the massive, warm, hi-vis jacket that I pinched off my Dad 10 years ago that’s been sat in the boot of every car I’ve owned, has been worn by a number of my friends as we’ve huddled around in the cold after a kayaking trip.

The car seats have gone, the teddies that live in the car to keep the girls happy on the road, the CDs I’ve made and had for years, the CD Holly made me when we got together.

I spent months choosing the right car, making sure it would fit our lifestyle, as well as literally fit everything into the car. The car meant so much to us, that I bought exactly the same model when the first one’s engine failed a month after buying it.

So I seriously doubt, that the (probably very young) people that set fire to my car and my neighbour’s, really thought about the owners of the car when they did it.

Some part of their minds must have consciously moved that thought to the back of their mind, that what they were doing was hurtful and inconsiderate, they would have chosen not to think about the people they were doing it to.

They’ve intentionally de-humanised us, to enable themselves to get a bit excited because they have such empty, shit lives.

If I met them and explained what they’d done, I genuinely think they’d feel guilty. If not, then they need taking off the streets. Someone needs to re-explain to them what is it to be human.

So around the world we’re working towards getting people to treat everyone equally and with dignity, we should probably start treating robots in the same way, to avoid any Matrix/I Robot/Robopocalypse/Battlestar Galactica type situations.

In summary:

To the robots that have helped me on the phone in the last day or so, I am very grateful

To the people that have supported me on the phone, and in the real world, I am very grateful

To the biological disasters that torched my 5 year olds pink car seat, and her teddy, and her sister’s teddy… you know what, it’s probably best I don’t write anything else down.

Just hope we don’t redefine human.