npm bash-conf, for sharing configs between bash and node

API keys, DB authentication, passwords, system paths and other things of that nature dont belong in a Git repo. They belong in a lovely config file created by an install script run after cloning a repo. That’s how I try and do things these days anyway. I use a lot of bash scripting for big … More npm bash-conf, for sharing configs between bash and node

Screens on Linux

I’ve recently started using screens when inside command line linux. I got shown it by some Rackspace tech guys as I wanted to leave a process running after I’d left me shell. Screens is brilliant, it lets you run multiple shells and allows you to switch between them with keyboard shortcuts, and you can close … More Screens on Linux

Getting things done

I’m really not that great at finishing things off. If I’ve been paid to do something, then sure I’ll plough on with it and be dedicated and focused on finishing it. But like most others, I suck at getting my own projects done. I’ve got 25k words written of my novel, about 5 empty websites … More Getting things done