Identity crisis

I’d quite like to consolidate all of my online accounts/posts/content etc all into one place. I want that one place I put it all to then tell everywhere else about the content – so if I blog, or upload a picture blah blah it all ends up being pushed elsewhere. I thought tumblr could do … More Identity crisis

Moving (internet) home

So I’ve bored of 1and1 internet being rubbish and stupid, so I’m switching over to a Rackspace Cloud Server. They’ve got mixed reviews, but for my purposes I think they’ll be fine and receiving positive reviews. They’re support is already being very helpful. I’ve been thinking of doing it for a while but after over … More Moving (internet) home

Ooh publicity!

Ok, so it’s not directly for me, but it’s for some work I’ve done! article I MADE THAT APP! For a client, but still it’s nice seeing it in the paper! And yes it may only be the mirror, but Quentin Wilson wrote the article! Check out the Number Plate Translator site:

I started this site ages ago – Nintendo give you 500 wii points if you help someone connect to the internet. To prove you’ve helped them, you swap “Wii numbers” – this is like the Wii’s own telephone number. Once you’ve added your friend’s wii number to your console, and your friend adds your … More