I’m almost finished moving over to ColdFusion 2018, it’s taken far too long, but along the way I’ve had to install CF a few times on new servers, and there’s a bit of fiddling to do when installing all the hotfixes on a fresh install.

All the updates are listed on the Adobe site: Updates Page

The latest one has 2 things you’ll need to address, which are both mentioned at the top of the update details page: Latest Update

  • you need to install 11 (the latest one currently) from update 4 or higher: Update 4
  • anything going from pre to post update 8 (e.g. clean > 4 > 11) has some post installation setup requirements: Update 8

I do everything on Linux so can’t help you with manual installation on Windows, but I never use the ColdFusion Administrator to install updates, I always stop the server, run the .jar manually and then start the server. Ignoring the exact commands, it’s the same steps for Windows and Linux.

Also I understand learning something new can feel frustrating when trying to fix a problem with an existing system, but Commandbox really does make life simpler, especially for local development, and means you don’t have to deal with any of the manual server setup.

You can create a config shared across all your platforms, with .env files updated anything that does need to change across platforms.

So to summarise, going from a fresh CF2018 install

  • install update 4
  • install latest update (currently 11)
  • run through the post installation steps/troubleshooting from update 8