Willshaw Media Eddy the Blob, the Willshaw Media mascot

This is my personal site, now hosted on Digital Ocean.

I've tried hosting various things in various places - blogs on Wordpress, apps on Heroku, sites on Github Pages, but I've decided I want to know how to set all of these different technologies up and get them hosted all side by side on my own server.

There's going to be lots of experimentation and I'm planning on playing with all the following tech:

I've decided to keep this front page barebones, with CSS and Vanilla JS, because I spend too much time playing with Vue, SCSS, Bootstrap and all the other buzzwords when I'm at work.
I need to spend more time to getting to know the basics CSS and JS


The following are some of my little standalone projects. I've generally made each one so that I can get more familiar with a new technology than a simple "Hello World" or "To do list". I've tried to make something useful with each one

Pokésquire pokesquire.com

create-react-app, bootstrap

Pokésquire is a companion app for playing 1st Generation Pokémon games. The idea being you can choose a Pokémon or a type (fire, water etc) and find out what it's strong/weak/nuetral against, to help you make decisions in battles.

I originally made Pokésquire in jQuery mobile. It kind of worked but I never really polished it off and it was full of bugs. I think I updated it to use Vue.js but I didn't know what I was doing with Vue so I really just used that for the 2 way binding.
The logic behind it was awful.

At the end of 2018 I was getting really into Vue.js and I kept reading lots of comparisons between Vue and React but I figured the only way to really understand the difference, was to try React myself.
So I built Pokésquire using create-react-app and as usual, Bootstrap.
I draw a few custom graphics, got a few people to help me test it, it works, but I've got quite a few ideas to improve it.

Pokesquire home page loaded on an iphone

Weapons Control Panel weapons-control-panel.willshawmedia.com/

CodeSandbox, Bootstrap, Vue.js

This is a CodeSandbox built Vue.js app that allows my kids to turn any environment into a Star Ship Bridge Weapons Station!

The idea came from my daughter using the Sat Nav in our car to keep herself happy as we drove through a spooky dark country lane, blasting baddies with fireballs and laser cannons as we drove along.

The project is open source on Github and you can read about the development of it in this blog post.

Pokesquire home page loaded on an iphone