Welcome to WillshawMedia.com. Here you'll find my infrequent postings about tech related projects I've been working on and maybe some DIY projects as well.

I'm a web developer/full stack developer/programmer/nerd/internet person what ever you want to call me, I currently make websites and APIs, with CFML(ACF and Lucee), Node.js and Vue.js. I've done some Native iOS and Phonegap/Cordova iOS and Android work in the past. I can fix a computer, manage servers, monitor logs, build databases, optimize queries, shrink download sizes, speed up sites, write back end code, build front end interfaces, analyze user behaviours, get conversions and leads... just don't ask me to design anything.

I'm a father, husband, 1st degree taekwondo black belt and Grade 2 guitarist who likes drawing, driving, gaming and all the usual sci-fi nerd stuff.

In the footer you can find links to my Twitter and Github accounts. If you want to get in touch, the best thing to do is email or tweet me.

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