I’ve been Good Reads for a while now, mostly to help me keep track of my failure to complete my annual book challenge, of 12 books, just one a month and I still haven’t managed it.

I’ve just finished [The Diet Myth][diet-myth] which was great, but had going. One thing that annoyed me was updating my progress via the page count didn’t accurately reflect my position in the book, as the edition listed on Good Reads was different to the one I had.

So when I picked up Equal Rites to start reading that instead, I found the same thing with a different edition being listed in the search results.

Now I should have worked this out myself, but the first google result showed me how to change book editions, in fact I didn’t leave the search results page, I just saw “How to change the edition on the desktop site” and then realised I should probably just look at the website and it’ll be obvious.

Well it is, really obvious:

Good Reads site showing Equal Rites edition change

So as great as it is that you can change book editions on Good Reads, the most important thing I’ve learnt (or reminded myself of) is to try myself first before googling something!